Daisyfield Pools, Blackburn

Name: Daisyfield Pools – Half Fish HQ
Location: Blackburn
Current status: Open
Date built: 1905
Architect: Not known
Listed building status: Not listed
Lead organisation: HALF Fish

A modern pool facility housed within a building that dates back to 1905. Half Fish HQ is a hub for swimming teaching and training of swimming teachers and lifeguards.

25m pool and a teaching pool providing a range of teaching and training activities.

Notable facts
Originally built with a Russian baths and a plunge pool, thousands of local children learnt to swim here. It was known to most people as Belper Street Baths.

Current plans
To keep the pool open for the local community and provide high quality teaching and teacher training in the heart of the community.


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Postcode: BB1 5HB