Moseley Road Baths, Birmingham

Name: Moseley Road Baths
Location: Birmingham
Current status: Open
Date built: 1907
Architect: William Hale & Son
Listed building status: Grade II*
Lead organisation: Moseley Road Baths CIC

A very well loved and well used Edwardian pool of huge historical and architectural significance.

The original entrances indicate the class and gender divisions of the time: MEN’S FIRST CLASS BATHS, MEN’S SECOND CLASS BATHS and FEMALE’S BATHS.

The building is constructed with red brick and terracotta with lots of interesting stained glass windows. Internally, colourful glazed tilework, terrazzo floors and original joinery are to be found.

The baths also has the most complete set of original ‘slipper baths’ (baths in cubicles for private bathing) in the country, the last of which were in use until 2004.

Pool 2, originally the Second Class pool and 20 yards long, is used all week round by the whole community, whilst the Gala Pool, originally the First Class/Gala pool, has been closed since August 2003.

Notable facts
The only grade II* listed public pool still in operation.

One of only two UK buildings on the World Monument Fund Watch List 2016.

It shares its listing (and a party wall!) with the neighbouring library which was built 11 years earlier.

Current plans
A coalition has been formed of the Friends of Moseley Road Baths, Moseley Road Baths Action Group, Historic England, the National Trust and the World Monument Fund. They are working together to keep the building and the pool open for public use and community benefit.


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Postcode: B12 9AN

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