Broomhill Pool Trust takes a trip down memory lane

Broomhill Pool Trust has celebrated the 85th anniversary of Broomhill Pool’s opening with a new print run of the original Souvenir Programme produced in 1938.  It’s a stunning piece of print, brimming with nostalgia, that was originally produced by the County Borough of Ipswich to proudly celebrate the official opening of the pool.

George Underwood, the Mayor of Ipswich, writes using words that hold a resonance that is timeless:  “The importance of healthy exercise cannot be too strongly emphasised and swimming as an art tends to promote splendid physical development as well as for joyous entertainment.”

The pride of having a pool “among the finest in the country, both in design and for the facilities offered to the public” shines through in the Mayor’s words as it does throughout the programme, which shares in detail the pool’s specifications, images and list of contractors.  Since 2002 The Broomhill Pool Trust has been campaigning to revive the much-loved lido and for it to once again serve its community, so this is a beautiful way to connect the past with the future.

You can purchase a copy directly for £5 from Broomhill Library or Castle Hill Community Centre in Ipswich or for £7.50 including P&P via this link.