Withington Baths and Leisure Centre, Manchester

Name: Withington Baths and Leisure Centre
Location: Manchester
Current status: Open
Date built: 1913
Architect: Henry Price
Listed building status: Not listed
Lead organisation: Love Withington Baths

The only working Edwardian pool in Manchester, Withington Baths originally had two pools, wash baths and a manager’s flat. There is extensive floor and wall tiling, also internal and external stained glass. Much of the tiling was covered up over the years but is now being uncovered and restored. The original chimney and glass lantern roofs are intact.

23m pool used for school swimming, swimming lessons and general swimming, fully equipped gym, sauna and two studios which host a wide range of classes and community activities.

Notable fact
Withington hosted the first ever mixed bathing in Manchester in 1914 when it was introduced on a trial basis “with great caution” according to accounts at the time!
Withington Baths remains open thanks to the determination of local residents whose campaign led to the formation of a charitable company – Love Withington Baths – to run the Baths when Manchester City Council closed it in 2015.

Current plans
Love Withington Baths were originally granted a 2-year lease and are now in the final stages of negotiating a 30-year lease.
The pool is operating very successfully and well above target for the first two years (despite a new council leisure centre having opened less than a mile away). The focus in years 3 – 5 is the physical improvement of the building. The sauna and Studio 1 will be refurbished and the wardens accommodation will be converted into co-working space. An application is also planned to Heritage Lottery to support vital building repairs.


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Postcode: M20 3JS

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