Loyd Grossman CBE FSA, chair of the Heritage Alliance, says:

“We have a responsibility to protect this important part of our architectural and social heritage.  I know from my own experience with the Heritage Alliance, that joining forces to campaign, build advocacy and share knowledge will go a long way to support community groups of passionate volunteers  who are fighting for their local pool, recognising it as an asset, not a liability.”

“Attitudes are changing however and we are seeing some encouraging signs as organisations find sustainable solutions that conserve the social history of these buildings, as well as people who are committed to using them in the future.  Now is the time to take this grassroots movement to the next level and Historic Pools of Britain offers a brave and exciting step forward.”

Olympic swimming champion, Sharron Davies has campaigned for the restoration of Cleveland Pools in Bath. She is very keen to support a national heritage pools organisation. She says:

“Having personally been involved in campaigning for the restoration of Cleveland Pools in Bath, I am delighted that this kind of organisation will exist to support other communities and organisations going through similar experiences as we did.

The sharing of this experience will undoubtedly help, as will having a representative voice that will join together the will of everyone who wants to preserve this really important part of our social and architectural heritage.”

James Hickman, five-time world champion swimmer joins in the chorus of voices in favour of creating a national voice for communities that are trying to save their local pool. He says:

“I’ve been a keen supporter of the campaign to save and restore Manchester’s Victoria Baths to its former glory and use as a swimming pool for some time now and I wholly support the idea of having a voice for all of the local communities around Britain fighting to save and restore their local baths.  

“I believe there is a need for more swimming provision in this country, for the sake of the nation’s health and well being.  This should include heritage pools because not only do they offer lots of great places to swim, both indoors and out, but they also document our social history, they are part of our built heritage as well as being a useful community facility.”

Olympic champion, Rebecca Adlington is also backing Historic Pools of Britain:

“the idea of celebrating and promoting British swim-heritage, especially the world-class buildings in which I too learnt how to swim, has got to be a good thing.  Sport, hobby, therapy or Saturday afternoon splash – swimming pools offer so much to everyone and we should cherish every single one of them.”

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