Historic Pools of Britain: Media Update

Historic Pools of Britain has been making headlines in recent weeks as we continue to develop a national presence and voice.

In May People’s Friend magazine gave a full colour three page overview of historic outdoor swims this summer, highlighting pools around the country. This included seven of our members including Jubilee Park, Brockwell, Droitwich Spa and Hinksey Lidos.

The Guardian featured the renaissance of historic pools in April highlighting projects such as Victoria Baths, Newcastle City Pool and Bramley Baths.

The Scottish Sunday Mail did a wonderful feature on historic pools with a focus on those in Scotland, including Govanhill Baths, Bon Accord Baths and Western Baths Club.

Gill Wright appeared as a guest on Radio 4’s Today Programme on 12 May talking about member projects around the country.

Linking to the Heritage Swim taking place at Victoria Baths, BBC Breakfast did a live broadcast from Manchester’s Water Palace, which also included film packages with Bramley Baths and Newcastle City Pool.

Our press office contact is: laura.sullivan@fidopr.co.uk