La Valette Celebrates Restoration Success

The Victorian splendor of the La Valette Bathing Pools in Guernsey is once again being realised with the completion of a major restoration project.
Newly restored Gent’s Pool

The Gent’s pool has just reopened to the public for the first time since 2014, giving much to celebrate. The pool is one of four seawater bathing pools that form a unique complex along the La Valette promenade.

2014 Storm Damage

The restoration was set in motion in 2014 when structural damage caused by vicious storms forced both the Horseshoe and the Gent’s pool to close. In September 2015, the La Valette Legacy Team, under the umbrella Floral Guernsey launched the project to return the area, including the surrounding promenade, to its former glory. Generous private and corporate donations, alongside £13,000 from the Guernsey Government, provided most of the funds necessary to complete the work, which involved securing the structure by bolting each piece of concrete to the bedrock. Hundreds of Islanders, all passionate about preserving the pools, also gave their time, goods and services to ensure the success of this ambitious project to bring the area back to life. In total the restoration work including the repair of the pools cost £200,000.

Restoration work in progress

The Horseshoe pool reopened to the public in June 2017, and now the opening of the Gent’s pool this month, presided over by Guernsey’s Bailiff, means a further ambitious step has been achieved.

Gill Wright, founder of Historic Pools of Britain, says, “What wonderful news from La Vallette; the spirit of the team is truly uplifting and I know their work will inspire other members of Historic Pools of Britain.”

La Vallette’s mission continues as it sets about raising additional funds to strengthen the Ladies and Children’s pools. The La Valette legacy team is also working with the Guernsey government on a new long-term partnership to restore and develop the entire La Valette Promenade area into a major tourist attraction and local amenity.

La Valette is one of Historic Pool’s newest members, joining in December 2017.