Historic Pools of Britain supports #OpenOurPools

Calling on the Government to allow pools to reopen

Historic Pools of Britain has added its voice to the growing lobby to urge the Government to allow swimming pools to reopen.

Since public pools were closed in response to Covid-19, pool operators around the country have worked hard to review their health and safety procedures and put in place all the measures necessary for their staff and the public.

The national body overseeing swimming, Swim England, is confident that pools can now be reopened safely. Yet pools remain closed.

Swimming is the most popular participative sport in Britain; 4.7 million adults in England swim at least twice a month (10.5 per cent of the population), for leisure, fitness and social benefits.

Historic pools are especially valued by their local communities and many serve populations which don’t have ready access to other forms of exercise. They are also valued for their architecture and social history.

Historic Pools of Britain is supporting the lobby calling on the Government to urgently review the decision not to allow swimming pools to reopen and in doing so is encouraging everyone to endorse #OpenOurPools.

Gill Wright, founder of Historic Pools of Britain, says, “Our member pools have worked hard in response to the Covid-19 pandemic to put in place enhanced health and safety procedures to enable their pools to reopen safely. Swimmers around the country are sorely missing their health promoting activity and historic pools are ready and waiting to welcome their communities back to their facilities. We very much hope that the Government will recognise the important role that swimming has in keeping local communities active and healthy and connected with their social history, and allow pools to reopen without further delay.”