HPB virtual event: 24 January 2023

On Tuesday 24 January 2023 we are planning a virtual Historic Pools of Britain get together.  We are doing this one online so that no-one needs to worry about travelling distances during the bad weather, but there will be 2023 pool visits to come!

As we’ve done previously, this is really a chance to catch up and chat about any topics that might be pressing or bring to the table any issues that you might be seeking help on.  Whether it’s our trustees or fellow members there will be plenty of people willing to share their insight and support.

The meeting will start at 12noon and is very informal so bring a brew (and a sandwich if you are doing it over your lunch).

Each member pool is entitled to two free tickets and individual member tickets are also free.  Any additional or non-member tickets can be booked for £5 each.  Reserve your place now by emailing clare@historicpools.org.uk.